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Our classes are for ages four through adult, Monday-Saturday. The four and five year-old class is Creative Movement. As the students get older, we offer classes in ballet, pointe, modern, and contemporary. Our boys' classes are primarily modern dance, hip hop, and conditioning classes; but boys are welcome to join ballet classes by permission. Please send any inquiries about joining classes to

Discover more about What to Expect, Company Dancers, and the Dress Code.

What to Expect

We begin each class with Bible verse memorization using American Sign Language, followed by prayer. We then work on either our classical ballet technique, modern, pointe, choreography, etc. while using contemporary Christian music. It is our goal for each class that we would worship the Lord while learning our technique and be a blessing to one another. Each individual class will participate in choreographed dance pieces in our June Celebrations, and Company members (those taking 3 or more classes per week) will also participate in our Christmas celebration, Jesus, The Priceless Gift. Students are encouraged to be expressive in their class presentations for the glory of God and to minister to his people.

All classes and rehearsals are now being held at our studio at Heritage Commons in Norton. See our facilities page.

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Company Dancers

Company dancers are dedicated intermediate and advanced students who take at least three classes a week. Our companies are organized into nine groups: Soli Deo Gloria, Faithful, Victorious, Glorious, Treasured, Fearless, Radiant, and Priceless. Each group performs in both the June and Christmas celebrations each year. 

Please contact for more information about company classes! 


Dress Code 

We always want to present ourselves as modest and neat. This is in giving excellence to the Lord, and to each other.

Company dancers must wear their uniforms on Mondays. The uniform is the official Praise His Name With Dancing tank top, a sleeved black leotard, and black shorts or skirt (biker shorts of appropriate length must be worn under skirts if worn). 

On other class days, the dress code is as follows: 


  • Buns are to be worn for all hair types except the very short. Short hair must be pulled back with barrettes.

  • Shorts, tights, and modestly fitted t-shirts (not big and baggy) are to be worn.

  • Teenage girls need to wear leotards under their t-shirts.

  • Little girls may wear leotard dresses, and leotards with skirts over them.

  • Ballet slippers are to be worn.

  • Warm-up clothes are allowed at the beginning of class, but must be removed before pliés to provide the greatest visibility of the position of the knees, ankles, and feet which allows the instructor to correct the student's posture and aids in the prevention of injury.

  • Company members must own knee pads to protect the knees during modern and contemporary class. 


  • Long hair must be tied back.

  • Basketball shorts, knee pads (recommended), t-shirts, and joggers may be worn. Jeans are not acceptable. 

  • Boys will most often dance barefoot.

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